Newsletter – March 2020

Our last newsletter began with a report of the bushfires. Little did we know what was ahead! It’s hard to imagine how those who were and are still directly impacted by the bushfires are managing with this new disaster. Our best wishes go to you all.

At least, as HHR enthusiasts, the social distancing we’re all practising could give us more time to read her work, and even have and share a bit of fun on the way. Read more to find out how:

Some of you may have seen the article (reproduced below) from Lithub, The first lines of 10 classic novels, rewritten for social distancing, by Jessica Gaynor. Imagine doing the same with one or more of HHR’s novels: The Getting of Wisdom, Maurice Guest, (probably not Australia Felix), The Way Home, Ultima Thule, The Young Cosima.

Have a go at rewriting the openings of one or more of HHR’s novels and send your work to Janey Runci at or Graeme Charles at and we’ll publish them in an online newsletter for all to enjoy.

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