Newsletter – December 2021

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Greetings to all our members around the world as we navigate our way through the latest stages of the pandemic. Thanks to the internet our HHR work has continued with the development of our new website and zoom meetings.

Finally it seems some of us will be able to meet face to face for the much anticipated Oration from Clive Probyn and the birthday picnic tea on January 3rd in Chiltern. We hope to see as many of you as possible on what promises to be an exciting day. Bring your friends. All welcome.

In this issue of the newsletter there is more on HHR’s companion and subject of the Oration – Olga Roncoroni – from Alex Cliff in Hastings, England. Also more on HHR’s neighbours in her last home – Elsie and Philip Cole from Rachel Solomon.

Birthday greetings for our oldest member, Beth Chamberlain, and a book review from Heather McNeill.
Wishing all our members good health and happiness in the coming year.

Janey Runci


  • Oration in Chiltern on 3 January, 2022
  • Birthday picnic tea at Lake View on 3 January
  • More about Olga Roncoroni by Alex Cliff
  • More about HHR’s neighbours, Elsie and Philip Cole by Rachel Solomon
  • Gillian Mears on HHR
  • Beth Chamberlain – 100 years young by Graeme Charles
  • The Ghosts Have Never Left – book review by Heather McNeill


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